Say goodbye to your old PBX, say hello to VoIP

3CX VoIP is an open standards PBX that provides you with all the benefits of modern Unified Communications with Windows® or Linux, virtual PBX or cloud telephony. Solutions include: mobility, presence display, integrated web conferencing, contact center features, and more.

Businesses of all sizes and industries benefit from the cost advantages of Voice over IP, a simple installation & administration as well as the free choice of the VoIP provider. And all this at the best price-performance ratio on the market – flexible, scalable and completely tailored to your needs.


IP telephony reduces call and travel costs

Not only does 3CX‘s Unified Communications System provide you with many new features to enhance your customer service and increase your productivity, it also halves your total telephone costs through IP telephony and VoIP provider dialing.

Are you annoyed that your phone bill is too high? The 3CX telephone system makes it possible to reduce your telephone bill and reduce the acquisition, extension and maintenance costs of the system. Host it in the cloud, you will benefit from no or low hosting fees instead of overpriced fees from phone providers for hosting, charges per extension per function per month and excessive prices per minute of conversation.

VoIP reduces your phone bill by 80%

Field workers and home-workers can conduct toll-free conversations with colleagues anywhere on softphones for Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS or a web client. Other branches integrate in the same way or connect their 3CX telephone system to the 3CX control panel. Calls between branches are also free of charge, while improving communication in your company. International direct dialing and IP telephony enable your customers to reach you at a low cost, which in turn will boost your customer satisfaction.

  • Field staff / business travelers can be reached by calling their phone number
  • Lower monthly costs thanks to a VoIP provider
  • Reduced costs through WebRTC instead of expensive 0800 numbers

A budget-friendly telephone system

Classic and self-contained telephone systems can be take great effort to extend. Additional extensions mean higher license and equipment costs orr there just might not be enough connections available. While cloud PBX’s are scalable, they are often bound to contracts that are billed by extension or minutes. However, that’s not the case with 3CX! Host it yourself or with a cloud provider of your choice or on your own hardware.

  • Cheap prices per PBX instead of expensive licenses per extension
  • Independently host or operate from your own hardware
  • Simple self-management with no need for staff training
  • Open platform – choose your IP Phones & SIP Trunks

Reduced travel through web conferencing

3CX‘s integrated web and video conferencing solution saves you travel time and expense by allowing users to conduct web meetings regardless of their location and enjoy the benefits of personal communication. Hold 3CX Web meetings worldwide with the groundbreaking WebRTC technology.

  • Eliminate Costly Web Conferencing Services
  • Free availability for all 3CX users
  • No monthly subscription fees