Monitoring has become more and more important, but also more extensive. HiBit will monitor your systems and detect threats before they become a problem. Our current sensors are more than just a single check: they monitor entire sequences. Companies benefit from this through the ease of use and the fact that you pay for the sensor, not the many individual checks

24/7 monitoring

HiBit’s sensors are always alert and never sleep. Continuous checks ensure that you are always up to date, no matter the hour!

Furthermore you will be able to log in at any given time and change settings in the system where necessary. Those changes are immediately activated. Once that is done you can rest assured that you will be immediately notified if something were to happen and you can devote yourself to your real work.

HiBit ensures an “all-round carefree package” and the highest reliability by monitoring everything in the cloud, in the name of Full Service IT.

If you were to have a service contract with us you will already get some monitoring sensors! Shoot us an email and we will show you how good 24-hour monitoring can be!